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At The Brown Easel Ltd, we are dedicated to promoting emerging contemporary art practices from South Asia, especially Indian art. We have a large collection of beautiful paintings in our gallery, and we act as a conduit for beautiful South Asian art between young artists and art aficionados. We sell a wide range of paintings to customers across the UK, including Central London, North London and North West London.
Indian painting

Beautiful Indian paintings for sale

Indian paintings have a very long tradition and history. We have a collection of Indian paintings sourced from Indian painters. All through this year, we will be participating in London's many art fairs and having exciting pop-up exhibitions.
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Online art gallery

We are a reputable painting agency helping upcoming artists and fledgling collectors. You can also rely on us for attractive drawings. If you want to buy or sell original Indian paintings online, contact our friendly staff today.
Painting of a sewing machine
Subir Dey 
My work is inspired by the sweetness of a village fair in my childhood days the sounds of the paper flutes, the images through the bio-scope and the stories of the monkey man. The simplicity of childhood is within me still and, I believe, shouldnt be lost by any of us says Subir.

Alongside these images of childhood, Subir often features characterful iconic objects in his work  the typewriter, the telephone, the gramophone – symbols of an India and indeed a world passing by. These objects, once very much in demand, are no longer of practical use to us. But they still contain a magic that speaks to us today, he explains

Subir manipulates watercolour in a distinctive way. Bold and bright blocks of colour, rarely associated with the medium, are characteristic of his work. He builds the richness of colours in layers, wash upon wash, introducing details and characters as he goes. In some of his works he also uses calligraphy in either Sanskrit or English to narrate an element of history.

Talking about his techniques Subir says, I work with watercolours because theres a transparency to them you don't get with anything else theres nowhere to hide. The boldness of the colours I use are the colours of my own most bright and joyful childhood memories. I am also deeply passionate about the spirit and tradition of mythological paintings, Kalighat Potchitra and Madhubani for example. These paintings continue to inspire me and my work.

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