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If you are looking to buy an abstract painting, then get in touch with The Brown Easel Ltd. Abstract art utilises pure colour, form and shape to express its meaning. From non-objective work to non-representational art, we can supply a range of abstract paintings at affordable prices. We serve customers across the UK, including Central London, North London and North West London.
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Abstract art is a way of expressing an individual's imagination, thoughts, beliefs and ideas. Abstract paintings are made by complicating or simplifying the use of colours, forms and shapes. You can rely on us for excellent abstract paintings.
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All that requires to understand abstract art is an open mind and a vivid imagination. If you are an abstract painting enthusiast, then why not get in touch with us for a range of abstract paintings?
Sajal Sarkars
Sajal Sarkars works use the body to talk about socio-economic issues
Baroda based Sajal Sarkar uses the human body as a dominant trope to portray economic inequalities, social injustices and political muscle flexing.

He creates a visual language that connects his internal and external worlds, and through the human body explores notions of belonging, loss and identity.

The semantics of his philosophy manifest through the fragmented a body, which becomes the site for realisation of his feelings, as well as the tool for carrying a social message. It is also an alterity that Sajal explores, stepping outside to questioningly look at himself.

His enduring engagement with the human form began with nudes and exercises in this direction was to express the strength of masculine tension. The male nude, therefore, constitutes Sajals artistic mainstay, a protagonist who carries the weight of socio-economic burden.

Harisha Chennangod
My works have been architectural, Numerous flows of colors which break the sense of rigidity of the sharp and regular geometric structures. Though there are different layers, spaces and forms, overall I attempt at creating a sense of harmony to keep the work tightly held. If one observes closely each color form, is neatly demarcated from the neighboring form and area. Each intersection of different color forms and opens up further spaces which again keep multiplying into newer areas. Though one recognize forms which can be discerned, they stay there more as pure forms than representing objective realities. The work overall resembles a jumble of color structures closely resembling a thick jungle with spaces opening up while we enter and encountering surprising forms which pop up suddenly as we traverse the surface. 

Viraag Desai
Born in Calcutta 1986.
He graduated in 2009 with a BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and has shown widely shown in USA & India. He recently finished an artist residency in Nielson Gallery, Grazalema, Spain and working towards a series of shows in Shanghai in 2015. At present, lives and works in and around Kolkata. 
 Tibetan ‘thankas’, and ‘pata’ paintings of old Bengal have been a great source of inspiration. While in art school he studied the techniques and aesthetics of traditional art styles, combining their iconography with modern themes. The resultant works were exhibited in a show held in the Sullivan Galleries in downtown Chicago.
Having moved towards a type of abstract expressionism his new works tend to strike hard at the conventional notions of propriety in form, using spray-guns, acrylics, polyurethane gel, and pigment dispersions.
..."I am trying to convey concept through the use of medium and processes, by taking the piece out of the realm of 'image' and creating a multi-sensorial experience"...
 Viraag refers to mechanical forms as a point of departure, depicting chaotic arrangements of flora and fauna, and figures from various militant/historical scenes. Often he uses the traditional technique of hand-dyeing his canvasses to reinforce his depictions of life in isolated rural landscapes.
 He uses found objects along with traditional art materials and created media (dried oil paints, fabric and local materials). Appropriation of these materials and techniques result in cinematic glimpses of his personal contemporary voice.
 Working part-time as a graphic and set designer, Viraag uses his experience from these disciplines to constantly inform his painting practices.

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