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Are you looking for conceptual art? Whether you want acrylic painting or oil painting, we have got you covered. Established in 2015, we offer a range of conceptual art and contemporary paintings at reasonable prices. Being the only South Asian art gallery in London, we specifically focus on sourcing contemporary South Asian art. We sell a wide range of paintings to customers across the UK. 
South Indian art

South Indian art

The Brown Easel Ltd is an art agency dedicated to promoting emerging contemporary art from South Asia, with specific emphasis on Indian contemporary art. You can rely on us to offer a range of art at competitive prices.
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Online art gallery

Discover original Indian contemporary art in our gallery. We offer contemporary paintings, traditional art and abstract art all by expert artists. Contact us today to buy beautiful art online.
Saravanan Parasuraman
Saravanan Parasuraman 1982 in Tamil Nadu received his BFA from the Government College of Fine Arts, Chennai, in 2004 and his MFA from the same institution in 2006. Versed in a variety of sculptural media such as ball bearings, sand, silicone and fiberglass, Saravanan makes sculptures and works on canvas that reflect his various interests in randomness, fate, the human condition and processes of self-realization and the individual journey.
Saravanan has been working with organic forms composed of steel ball bearings under the theme of "accumulations" - and more recently with more literal forms such as a sleeping man or a crab caught in a web - referring to the way in which one gathers experiential knowledge of oneself and of the world as one moves through life. As a South Indian from the state of Tamil Nadu, Saravanan comes out of an artistic tradition that saw the emergence of tantric painting in the 1960’s and 70’s and continues to nurture a holistic view of art and the world. Vedantic philosophies of the Hindu tradition are largely concerned with self - realization and the ultimate nature of reality, both of which are integral to his process and work.

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